The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management – Now Available as a Training Course!

Is your organisation trying to build a BPM capability? Or do you want to train your staff as quickly as possible in the latest BPM frameworks and methodologies?

Many years ago I attended numerous courses and read many books on Business Process Management yet I was always frustrated with the information that was provided. Most courses focused on a specific theme of BPM, such as process modelling, and many books I read solely focused on BPM from an IT perspective. No wonder so many organization’s have been getting it wrong!

As we know, Business Process Management is neither a technology discipline nor is it simply about putting funny symbols onto a map. It’s much, much more than that.

Due to the success of The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management, author Theodore Panagacos is now running training courses which cover the entire spectrum of this change management discipline.

Course 1:

BPMN Essentials: This one day course covers everything you need to know about process modelling, process analysis and business process model & notation. This course is suited for business analysts, process analysts, lean and six sigma practitioners and project managers.

Course 2:

BPM Advanced Workshop: This is a three day intensive course which covers the entire discipline of Business Process Management. Learn how to;

  • Build a Business Process Management Center of Excellence,
  • Develop a process architecture,
  • Recruit and train the right process analysts,
  • Pitch to Senior Executives, and
  • much, much more…


The advanced workshop is suited for senior managers, project directors and senior change management practitioners.

Sounds interesting! How do I find out more?

BPM training courses are run periodically throughout the year and are tailored to the needs of your staff and your organization.

BPM training is run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide (Australia). But training in the United States and Europe can also be arranged. Use the contact form below to make an inquiry.

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