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Excellent and Exhaustive Book on Business Process Management
The author does an excellent job of explaining every aspect of Business Process Management (BPM) in this book. His explanations of frameworks and methodologies are easy to understand and can probably even be used by most non-change management professionals. Each chapter starts off with a basic explanation of a specific BPM theme which is then followed by more detail. The author also includes a description on how to apply the BPM tools and techniques within an enterprise environment. Some of the things I like about this book were the explanation between BPMN 1.2 and 2.0 (which confuses a lot of people) and the BPM dictionary. Overall, this is a very high quality and well written book and definitely worth the money. Via Review — Buy Now!

Very Detailed Book on Business Process Management
In my business I regularly help government and large commercial organisations perform process design and business optimisation activities. Most organisations have systems for documenting processes however one problem we always face is the on-going management of those processes. Without governance and structure a laundry list of processes and policies emerges that are often out-of-date, incomplete and have no clear relationship to each other. There is also little clarity over who owns the processes and how a process can be changed. Over the years I’ve sat in countless meetings where leaders have endlessly debated the principles and methodology of BPM yet never seem to come to a resolution. Indeed, as mentioned in the book, BPM is still seen as a technology solution to business improvement when it’s definitely not. The strength of this book is that it provides clear guidance on the important issues in a simple, easy to read style. Before launching into any BPM or process improvement program I recommend reading this book. Adam Grey, Grey Knowledge Group. Via Review — Buy Now!

Best BPM Book that Relates to Real Business
Finally, a BPM book that relates to real business managers and is easy to follow and well structured. Coming from the BPM Consulting and training space, I recommend this book to my clients and classes. The book covers all the business and technology aspects that make up BPM. The frameworks,templates, tools and business examples are easy to relate to if you’re a BPM practitioner or new to the BPM concept. The author provides a great understanding of how the concepts can be applied in any organisation. The Establishing a BPM Centre of Excellence approach and methodology is actually very innovative and I have not seen any other author provide such a comprehensive understanding of the topic. I strongly recommend this book as you will definitely gain some great new insights and approaches to BPM. For all those looking for tools and templates, the book also provides and illustrates with real examples a great range of them from process analyst tools, to the developing of operating models for business leaders. Well worth the read. Via Review — Buy Now!

An Authoritive Guide on BPM
Business Process Management (BPM) has become one of the most widely used approaches for the design of modern organizational and information systems. The book takes a holistic, organisational approach to BPM and provides a comprehensive understanding of its main components, i. e. strategic alignment, process, governance, technology, and people. It provides guidance for the integration of BPM into corporate methodologies and information systems and also touches on process improvement frameworks such as Lean and Six-Sigma. What sets this book apart from its contemporaries is that it provides guidelines to create a BPM Centre of Excellence that includes details on the BPM career development model, training, certification, and hiring and utilising human resources. In short, this would serve as a worthy handbook for both beginners and serious practitioners. Via Review — Buy Now!